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Promoting health in the workplace

Studies and analyses

  • Monitoring the state of health promotion in the workplace through a workplace health promotion survey, which is carried out every 5 years.
Photo: Dylan Gillis, Unsplash

Health promotion and prevention

  • Contribute to health policy and legislation.
  • Supporting the development of healthier workplaces and coordinating the work of the Health Promoting Workplaces Network, supporting the development of workplace environments and improving health awareness among employees.
  • Providing free health promotion advice to workplaces.
  • Providing advice to workplaces on how to create a tobacco-free workplace.

Training and information activities

  • Organising trainings and seminars on health promotion for employers and employees.
  • Collecting and disseminating examples of best practice, including international best practices on workplace health promotion.
  • Producing and distributing guidance materials on workplace health promotion.
  • Providing thematic materials and information throughout the year as a part of the National Institute for Health Development's Health Calendar.
  • Information and guidance materials on workplace health promotion can be found at

The activities and objectives in the field of workplace health promotion are agreed in the Population Health Development Plan 2020–2030.