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Health promotion and prevention

  • Contributing to family policy and legislation
  • Working with local government professionals and partners to plan and organise cross-sectoral prevention for families and parental education
  • Piloting and developing sustainable and multi-targeted interventions in support of parenting
  • Providing parents with information on positive parenting through the website
  • Running social campaigns on positive parenting.


  • In cooperation with local authorities, children's mental health centres, family centres and safety centres, we offer a parenting programme for parents called "Incredible Years"
  • Providing training, refresher courses, supervision and covision for group leaders of the parenting programme
  • Organising and supervising peer coaches in the parenting programme
  • Training and counselling on parenting education for professionals working with children and families

Studies and analyses

Evaluating the effectiveness of the training provided under the Incredible Years' parenting programme:

  • Experience of e-learning in the parenting programme in spring 2020
  • Results of the parenting programme in 2019
  • Results of the parenting programme in 2018
  • Results of the parenting programme pilot project
  • Analysis of the parenting programme's impact areas and cost-benefit analysis

We alsocarry out other studies and analyses related to parenting.

  • Perceived competence of parents of children aged 2-12 and prevalence of behavioural difficulties in children.