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Structure and governance

The Institute for Health Development (IHN) has five Centres, made up of Domains, Departments and Registries:

  • Research Centre
  • Communication Centre
  • Health and Welfare Promotion Centre
  • Health Data Centre
  • Support Centre

TAI struktuur_eng

The institute employs two standing committees:

  • Tallinn Medical Research Ethics Committee
  • Medical Terminology Commission


The Institute for Health Development is a sub-agency of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The Institute is headed by a Director, who is elected by the Scientific Council following an open competition. The Director is elected for a maximum term of five years.

The Director of the Institute for Health Development is Annika Veimer.

Scientific Council

The highest decision-making body of the Institute is the Scientific Council. Its composition is approved by the Minister of Social Affairs on a proposal from the Director of the Institute.