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Estonian Drug Treatment Register

The Estonian Drug Treatment Register collects data on the treatment of mental and behavioral disorders due to drug use in Estonia.

Why is the register needed?

  • To analyze the occurrence of drug use
  • To predict the quantity of health care services
  • To shape the health policy
  • To obtain information on psychoactive substances on the drug market
  • To perform statistics and research

What data do we collect?

  • Patient’s name, personal identification code, socio-demographic background
  • Risk behavior (age at first drug use, primary drug used, frequency of use, overdose experience)
  • Drug treatment (primary diagnosis, type of treatment, medications, start and end date of a treatment episode)
  • Contributory diagnoses
  • Date and cause of death

How do we collect data?

Psychiatric health care providers have statutory obligation to send an e-notification to the register when starting or finishing a drug treatment episode.

Publication of data

Estonian Drug Treatment Register