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Promoting health in the community

Studies and analyses

  • Producing county health and wellbeing reviews.
  • Carrying out surveys and analyses to assess the health determinants of local populations.
  • Publishing data on localities in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

Health promotion and prevention

  • Influencing health policy and legislation.
  • Supporting evidence-based planning for health and well-being in municipalities and counties, including the development of health and well-being profiles.
  • Developing and evaluating methodologies and interventions for health promotion and prevention activities in municipalities and counties.
  • Supporting the implementation of local public health action plans and network development activities at county and municipality level.
  • Working with local health promotion professionals and networks.
  • Organising the work of the community health promotion expert group.

Training and information activities

  • Providing training and supervision to the network of community health promoters.
  • Providing training and advice to decision-makers, policy-makers and professionals in municipalities and counties.
  • In cooperation with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the WHO and other partners, we organise an annual health promotion conference.
  • Developing guidelines and supporting their implementation through training and counselling.
  • Communicating local health promotion on the website