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The National Institute for Health Development Development Plan 2024–2027

Download (PDF, 238.22 KB)

In the institute’s development plan, we define the vision and mission of the institute, main goals, strategic directions, and key activities to achieve them. It is important to us that the institute’s main objectives are timely and relevant. Compared to the existing development plan, the updated document is characterized by transparency of strategic directions with clearly described steps to achieve them, which reflect our ambitions and strategic directions. Our activities support achieving objectives in sustainability, health, and social protection presented in the country’s long-term development strategy “Estonia 2035”.

In addition, we are dedicated to achieving the objectives of the “Research and Development, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
(TAIE) Development Plan” and the “Population Health Development Plan 2020-2030”.

We review the development plan annually to keep our activities up to date.


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The National Institute for Health Development