02. JAANUAR 2014

Project description


General objective

General objective of the project is to contribute to the prevention of IDU- (injecting drug users) and HIV-related tubercolosis (TB) epidemic in the project partner countries.

The strategic objectives include empowerment of public health system and civil society and enhance collaboration of various stakeholders in the field in order to tackle TB. It concerns directly building up both public health systems and civil society's capacity to deal with TB, HIV, and IDU related issues.

Considering the high incidence of TB, drug-resistant TB, and HIV-TB co-infection in the project partner countries there is clearly a need to involve harm reduction service providers and community based organizations in the fight against TB and develop strong connections between these structures. The project promotes cooperation between various stakeholders both in governmental organizations and community based organizations.

Project also directly aims to develop a country and culture specific model of TB case finding (based on international guidelines) in community based organizations. Open borders and migration of workforce together with noticeable differences in prevalence figures between various territories in European region further emphasizes the need for international collaboration and coordinated actions in the field.

Through the implementation of the project activities we expect to reduce the burden of TB among IDUs and people living with HIV (PLHIV) throughout the countries involved in the project.

Specific objectives

  • Enhancing horizontal, vertical and cross-border collaboration in the field of TB, injecting drug use and HIV.
  • Describing the TB and HIV related knowledge and behavior, identifying the barriers to access to TB and HIV related health care services among IDUs and PLHIV.
  • Raising the awareness of TB and HIV related prevention, treatment and care among vulnerable groups and PLHIV, general population and professionals on services and policy level.
  • Raising the awareness of TB and HIV among community based organizations and health care and public health institutions personnel.
  • Developing guidance for TB-prevention activities for community based organizations working with IDUs and PLHIV and providing recommendations for policy makers on future actions in the field.

Target groups

Target groups of the TUBIDU project are mainly injecting drug users, people living with HIV, but also general population. Health specialists in governmental and non- governmental organizations, local municipalities, research institutions and community based organizations personnel will be reached trough respective organizations. 

Project area

pdf Map of participating countries

Deliverables timetable

pdf Deliverables timetable



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