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23 JANUARY 2019

Tallinn Medical Research Ethics Committee

The Tallinn Medical Research Ethics Committee is an independent expert body that operates at the National Institute for Health Development, evaluating the projects of biomedical research involving human subjects.

The aim of the Ethics Committee is to ensure protection of health, dignity, identity, security of person and other fundamental rights and freedoms of all research participants in medical science and health surveys. In order to do so, the committee evaluates the scientific value, feasibility, legality and other ethical aspects of the planned research.

The Tallinn Medical Research Ethics Committee comprises of 11 members. The members of the Ethics Committee are elected according to the representation of medical specialities from institutions in Tallinn, involving also non-medical specialists (a lawyer, psychologist, theologian etc.).

The work format of the Ethics Committee is meetings, which are held once a month, except in July.

pdf Tallinn Medical Research Ethics Committee statues 
pdf Members of the Tallinn Medical Research Ethics Committee

NB! Starting from the January 1, 2018, the following fees apply for the evaluation of the clinical trials and their amendments (according to the Medicinal Products Act):

Meetings of TMREC in 2019:

Deadline for the submission of the documents Date of the meeting  
January 30, 2019 February 14, 2019
February 27, 2019 March 14, 2019
April 3, 2019 April 18, 2019
May 2, 2019  May 16, 2019
May 29, 2019 June 13, 2019
July 31, 2019  August 15, 2019
September 4, 2019 September 19, 2019
October 2, 2019 October 17, 2019
October 30, 2019 November 14, 2019
November 27, 2019 December 12, 2019


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